Offering innovative workforce solutions and flexible staffing services

we are able to satisfy hiring demands of large healthcare enterprises across the nation

Our recruitment methodologies ensure we provide suitable, sufficient and experienced staff who will possess high levels of professionalism, commitment and dedication to your corporate vision. We understand that hospitals, rehab facilities and other healthcare organizations require unique security management due to data privacy and strict medical compliance laws. Additionally, these environments must be welcoming and comfortable so as to promote patient satisfaction as well as staff productivity. Due to extensive healthcare customer experience, Skill Demand is able to address unique challenges that different institutions face by providing quality resource management practices simultaneously cutting the overall costs for optimal success.



Private Practices

Hospice Organizations

Research Institutions

Rehabilitation Centers

Mental Health Facilities

We Supply

Nurse Stuff

  • Travel
  • Home Health
  • Urgent Care
  • Surgical
  • Emergency/Ambulatory

Hospital Staff

  • Billing/Payroll
  • Executive Operations
  • Human Resources
  • Imaging/Radiology
  • Office & Administrative
  • Outpatient Care

Clinical Staff

  • Case Management
  • Rehabilitative
  • Behavioral Health

Advanced/Specialized Staff

  • Physicians
  • Research & Development
  • Laboratory
  • Information Technology


Each of our services within the healthcare industry fills a unique customer need and is tailored to specific business demands. Other solutions we offer:

Staff Augmentation

Program Management

Managed Services

Employee Training & Development